Warehouse storage system basics

Warehouse storage systems are becoming increasingly important because the way people do their shopping is changing. Thanks to Internet and marketing on television channels, the role of warehouses has changed. More and more showrooms are closing their shutters, and warehouses are being opened. So what is warehouse storage system, and why is it so important?

warehouse management softwareBefore trying to understand the system, it is necessary to know different types of warehousing systems.

As of now there are four different types of warehouse management systems available. These are:

a. Pallet Storage is popular because the storage space can be manipulated as needed elsewhere. These increase the storage space. It is also possible for any warehouse forklift or another vehicle to lift the box and move it as and when needed;
b. Storage cabinets – The name is self-explanatory;
c. Mezzanine storage – Unlike Pallet storage, this type of storage cannot be easily altered as per requirements. It is also not possible for warehouse forks to lift the goods from it as there are railings to prevent the goods from falling off;
d. Automated storage – as the name implies, much of the storing and retrieval is done by machines.

Now imagine several television sets of different sizes manufactured by different companies that arrive at the warehouse and need to be stored till their delivery to the retailer. If stored haphazardly, locating the desired television set may take a long time. Moving it around within the warehouse may also be a time-consuming process. Moreover, the box containing such television set may accidentally be under another box containing a refrigerator. After all, warehouses store more than one product in the same premises. Warehouse storage system prevents such problems and mishaps in storage facilities.

warehouse management

Therefore, a warehouse storage system:

a. Helps to store the goods that are brought into the warehouse in an organized way so that they can be easily located in time, and retrieved easily as well, without disturbing other works in the warehouse. If goods are easily identified, lifted, and delivered or taken to the van, then it saves some time of warehouse personnel as well.
b. Differentiates between different types of goods or products. This is essential because products that need to be handled with care need to be stored in a different way when compared to more durable products. In the example, the television sets would obviously be better off at lower levels in the warehouse, and in the company of other electronics goods. Refined warehouse storage systems can differentiate between make, and sizes as well.
c. Reduces the possibilities of accidents since the system decides where to store the product. Placing heavier materials on lighter storage shelves is the perfect recipe for an accident in warehousing. Accidents in warehouses can lead to goods getting damaged, or personnel getting injured.
d. Help to make most of the available space.

As can be seen from above, warehouse storage system can help to save a lot of time and prevent any losses due to accidents. Effectively, such system helps the warehouse owners to earn more monies.